October 2016: Selfies and the Politician.


US elections is the most discussed issue these days, as in almost a month US citizens will vote for the future President.  On the one hand, Hillary Clinton is a technocrat and has been often criticised for being unable to fulfil the demands of such a position due to her age and the looming health issues. On the other hand, Donald Trump is a populist probably racist, billionaire who wants to bring back the old glory to the US.

It is little surprise that this election has been described as a choice between the “lesser of two evils”. Consider that, when it comes to policy positions, these two candidates are among the most different in recent memory. Yet such differences don’t really seem to be at the center of attention, either for the candidates themselves, or the public at large. No matter who wins, one is for sure. America will loose.

But this is not the subject of this article, which is dedicated to this great Photo. On the one side we have Hillary Clinton, smiling and waving to the crowd which is frantically trying to shake her hand or touch her..

No this is not what is happening. On the other side, we have a bunch of people that have turned their back at Hillary and they are trying to take a selfie photo with her on the background.

And just like that, in one photo a whole generation is described. These people are not there to support their favourite candidate. Nor are they there to hear what Clinton has to say. They are only trying to feed their smugness and vanity. (Oh! I would love to interview one of these girls in the front)

I don’t know what is worse in this picture. Hillary or the crowd. And I cannot find any difference in this photo between Hillary and another celebrity.


Author : Touvlatzis Vasilis, iPEBP Team


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